When an invoice is drafted or closed in Bookinglayer, it will reflect the booking lines and booking information at the moment when it was closed. Amendments to the booking done after will not be reflected in existing invoices.

Usually, these amendments can be settled by creating new invoices (when adding new items to a booking or increasing prices of booking lines) or credit notes (when removing items from a booking or decreasing prices of booking lines). However, there are cases in which these methods won't work and the closed/drafted invoice must be recreated. For example when:

  • The tax rates of booking lines are incorrect

  • A discount needs to be added to the booking

  • The booker details are incorrect

Recreating the invoice will reflect the recent changes.

How to delete and recreate a Draft invoice

When creating a draft invoice and realising a mistake has been made before closing it, rectifying is easy. Simply click on the three dots next to the invoice and Delete invoice.

You can now make the necessary changes to the booking and create a new invoice when done.

How to delete and recreate a closed invoice

When an invoice is closed, it is given a number according to your invoice sequence. This means that deleting a closed invoice will leave a gap in this sequence. This can conflict with your accounting rules and declaration to tax authorities.

To avoid breaking the sequential and chronological order, you can edit the invoice's date and number after recreating it.

1. Delete the closed invoice and do the necessary amendments to the booking.

2. Create a new invoice and close it.

3. Click on the three dots next to the invoice and Edit invoice.

4. Click on the lock to allow changes to the invoice's number and date.

Below the invoice number, you will find the numbers of invoices that have been deleted.

5. Click on the number of the invoice which you have recently deleted. Dates that will not conflict with the chronological order will be exposed.

6. Click on the corresponding available date.

7. Don't forget to Save changes.

Please note that edits will not be allowed if they conflict with the sequential and chronological order of invoices.

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