A new booking made via the Booking Engine will have the status Request when:

  • The Initial Booking Status of a product or package is set to REQUEST - Manual confirmation.

The bookings coming with a Request status allow you to review all the booked products and adjust the booking if needed. It could be that the booker requested a certain activity but the group is already full and since it's a short notice booking you cannot provide another instructor, hence you need to remove that product from the booking, maybe suggest another activity or another date.

You will have to manually accept (or decline) the Bookings with the Request status. In line with that behaviour, the booker won't be redirected to the Payment Form after booking via the Booking engine but will see the Thank you page which can be edited here.

How to handle requests

1. Find the booking

In your Bookings module, you can easily tell apart the Request bookings, labelled with their designated yellow tag. You can also filter the bookings by their status.

2. Open the booking and change the booking status

If you want to receive immediate payment for the booking, you need to change the status from Request to Pending. The booking will expire according to the expiration time set under General Settings > Pending Bookings. You can adjust the expiration time.

Note: The booker might not be near the computer/mobile device when you accept the booking and won't be able to make the payment immediately. Therefore it's recommended to give a booker at least a couple of days time.

3. Send an email to the booker, informing him that the booking has been accepted or declined

The email can be also managed with the email rules settings.

Automated email flow for requests

Consider the emails your booker will receive. Online Booking Autoreply is triggered as soon the booker clicks on the ''Book now'' button.

If you only work with automated emails, then most likely the booker will already receive the email with the payment link before you accept or decline the booking. That shouldn't be an issue because the payment cannot be executed until you change the booking status to either pending or confirmed.

Payment page (status = request):

If the Online Automated Email also includes the link to the Customer Portal, this is how it will look like:

Customer Portal (status = request)

Important: When the Online Booking Autoreply is sent before you confirm the booking, the booker will not know when you accepted the booking unless you send them an email manually. In case you have the advanced feature Email rules enabled, we recommend deactivating the automated email that's sent to every booking and setting the rule to only trigger this email when the status of the booking becomes either Pending or Confirmed. You can read more about the email rules here.

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