Cancelling a booking will remove the guests from the Calendar and Planners, freeing up the slots to allow new bookings. Cancelled bookings will still appear in your bookings list and can be considered in certain reports.

  • Cancelled bookings will not be considered for the sales column of the financials table.

  • Registered payments in cancelled bookings will be considered for the revenue column of the financials table. Make sure to register refunds in Bookinglayer to keep this report precise.

  • The Dashboard and the Sales report have filters to include or exclude cancelled bookings.

To cancel a booking, click on the Change status dropdown and change the status to Cancelled.

A window will appear to set your cancellation policy. If you will not apply a cancellation fee, you can select No cancellation fee and Cancel the booking.

If you will apply a cancellation fee, you can set a cancellation fee amount or percentage before cancelling the booking. The cancellation fee is the amount that you will keep and not refund the booker.

The cancellation fee will appear on the booking totals and the difference with the sum of payments will be suggested as the total to refund.

Crediting a cancelled invoice

If you are cancelling a booking that has been partially or fully invoiced, Bookinglayer will require an action to credit the corresponding amount considering your cancellation policy.

You can go to the accounting tab and credit the existing invoice(s). The amount(s) excluding the cancellation fee will be automatically credited.

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