The configuration of a product determines the dates it can be booked for and how it will be displayed in the Booking Engine. When you configure a product you can decide between a Flexible arrival or Dates configuration.

Flexible arrival

With a Flexible Arrival policy, a booker can select dates with certain flexibility. This will depend on the Duration, Allowed days for check-in/out, Blocked days and the availability of the items in the package. Let's have a look at the different Duration policies.

Flexible duration

Bookers can choose dates with a certain level of freedom. You can still require a minimum number of nights, set specific weekdays for check-in/out and block certain dates.

In the booking engine, this will be exposed as two fields, start date and end date, which will display a calendar allowing bookers to select available dates,

Fixed duration

A fixed duration policy will only allow the customer to select a check-in day within the available dates. The extension of the booking will be fixed.

In the Booking Engine, the booker will only see a start date field. Since the duration is fixed, the check-out date will be calculated automatically,

Duration variants

A duration variants policy will allow the customer to select a check-in day of the booking and the extension of it given the pre-configured options.

In the Booking Engine, the booker will see a start date and a duration field with several options. Since the durations are fixed, the check-out date will be calculated automatically,


With a Dates arrival policy, bookers can only book specific pre-configured dates. This is a common configuration for retreats and one time events.

You can decide between a single fixed duration or duration variants. You can also add blocked dates in case a duration is not applicable to all possible arrival dates. By simply adding a blocked day for the first date on which the package shouldn't be booked, the duration variant will not be bookable.

In the example below, the 2nd of October is blocked so a booker who wishes to arrive on the 24th of September cannot be booked for 14 nights.

In the Booking Engine, bookers will be able to choose the duration and then the possible fixed dates. You can see that a 14-night booking from the 24th of September to the 8th of October is not available because of the blocked date.


When working with a Dates configuration, make sure to add a price for every possible arrival date and duration. Even if the price of the package just needs from the items in the package builder, simply add 0€ rates. Dates that do not have a rate will not be available in the Booking Engine.

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