A receipt is a document which summarizes the items included in the booking and registered payments. This document may be simpler to provide to your bookers instead of an invoice. In case of a group booking, you will be able to split the receipts per guest. Let's have a look at how this is done.

Open the booking, go to the Accounting tab and scroll down to the Receipt section.

You can set the receipt to be combined (for all guests) or per guest. Once you have selected your preference, you can click on Print receipt.

A PDF will be generated, containing all booking details and registered payments. In the case below, we see a receipt per guest.

The table of items for a combined receipt would look like this:

For different receipts per guest, check the section below.

Different receipts per guest & split payments

To obtain a different receipt document per guest, you need to have previously enabled split payments in the booking and registered payments assigned to each guest. To know more about split payments check How to split payments between guests.

In the accounting section of the booking, you will find a dropdown with each guest's name. When you click on it, you will be able to only see their payments. and obtain their individual receipt.

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