In this article, we explain how to add a package to an existing or new guest in an existing booking. See the steps below:

1. Click on Add to booking. Clicking the button on a guest's table will automatically select that guest in the booking process. However, you will still be able to assign or add other guests.

2. Select the package you would like to add to the booking from the inventory menu.

3. Select or add the guest(s) you would like to add the package for. Enabling Group booking mode will allow you to add several guests to the booking without entering any details (Guest 1, Guest 2...).

The option to select all guests from the booking is especially handy when adding items to big group bookings.

4. Select the start and end date of the package.

5. Select the room(s). This step will not appear in the case of a package with no accommodation (activity only).

6. Configure the package for the whole group or per person. This step will not appear if the package has no base item groups, time-slot activities or optional items.

7. Review and, if necessary, change the dates of the package or package items or adjust the total price per guest.

In the case of activities with "Once per group" charge, you will only need to do this for the guest who holds the full price.

To finalise, click Add to booking.

Voilà, the packages were added to the booking for the corresponding guests.

Add via calendar

An alternative way to add to a booking is via de calendar. When you click on "Add item via calendar" you will be redirected to the calendar. Everything you add, including new guests, will be added to the initial booking.

In this way, adding a package to a booking is done in the same way as creating a new booking from your calendar. To know more about this process, check How to create a new booking from your calendar.

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