When one or several guests within a group booking cancel their stay, you may not want to completely remove them from the booking, especially if the invoice has been closed or any payments have been registered. It is possible to simply cancel a guest in a booking and still have them appear in the booking.

Let's have a look at how this is done.

Open the booking and find the guest that you would like to cancel. Click on the three dots on the top corner of the guest's table and Cancel guest.

The guest will remain in the booking as cancelled. They will not appear on the calendar or planning modules.

The cancellation can still be undone.

If the invoice had already been closed, you will need to credit it partially. Bookinglayer will display an Action required notice. Go to the Accounting tab of the booking and, besides the invoice, click on the three dots and Create credit note. A credit note will be created for the cancelled guest's booked amount.

You can also register a refund if the paid amount will be partially returned.

To know more about cancelling specific lines in a booking check: How to credit an invoice: cancelling booking lines.

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