In this article, we will refer to activities, services and bundles as items. The way of adding these to an existing booking is identical. Please follow the steps below:

1. Click on Add to booking. Clicking the button on a guest's table will automatically select that guest in the booking process. However, you will still be able to assign or add other guests.

2. Select the item you would like to add to the booking from the inventory.

3. Select or add the guest(s) you would like to add the product to. Enabling Group booking mode will allow you to add several guests to the booking without entering any details (Guest 1, Guest 2...).

The option to select all guests from the booking is especially handy when adding items to big group bookings.

4. When the guests have a package, you can add the new item(s) to the existing package. This will make it easier if at some point you need to change the dates of the booking since package items move along when changing the date of a package.

Find out more about How to move a booking in the calendar.

5. Set the number of items to add and dates (and time slots in case of some activities) from the calendar view. Select a quantity per day equal to the number of guests you would like to add the activity to. The bold + sign will help you achieve this number in just one click.

It is also possible to select different quantities per day. You will need to assign correctly to each guest on the next step.

6. Check and adjust the assignments if necessary. If not all guests will book the same quantity of the item, you can unassign the items and assign them to the correct guests.

7. Review and, if necessary, change the dates of items or adjust the total price per guest.

In the case of activities with "Once per group" charge, you will only need to do this for the guest who holds the full price.

To finalise, click Add to booking.

Voilà, the items were added to the booking for the corresponding guests and included inside the package. When dragging the booking on the calendar or changing the initial date of the package (duration must stay the same), the items will be moved and stay in the same position considering the duration of the booking.

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