Before you read this article, make sure to read How to create a new booking from your calendar.

Booking via the "Create booking" button will allow you to enable group booking mode and add the number of guests. In the next steps, you will be able to assign the accommodation (if applicable) and configure the package per group.

When you need to configure the booking in different "blocks" (e.g smaller groups within the group with different configurations) or prefer to book via the grid but cannot select all rooms at once, you can add several times to the booking.

First, "Create booking" or book from the calendar grid one of the "smaller groups".

Then, configure the package for this smaller group.

Continue and click on Add another item.

You now can book again via the calendar grid or the "Add to booking" button. Everything you book will be added to the original booking. You can repeat this process as many times as necessary to finalise the group booking.

By booking a new item or clicking on "Finish booking" you will continue with the original booking process.

Before creating the booking, you will be required to add a booker. It doesn't necessarily need to be a guest, it can be the group lead or a company that organises the trip. These details will be exposed on the invoice.

If the booker will require an invoice make sure to update their Address details and Fiscal Number from the booking page before the invoice is closed. Simply click on the name and the profile will open.

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