In this article, you will learn two efficient ways for changing rooms and/or dates of bookings from the calendar.

Drag and Drop

From the calendar grid, you can click on and drag a guest pill to a different room and/or dates.

When you release the guest to the desired spot, you can still change the duration and accommodation option.

When there are other guests from the same booking in the original room, you will be able to move those guests too by clicking on Edit 1 (or more) booking line(s).

Edit booking line

Click on the guest pill you would like to update. When hovering over a guest pill, you will notice that it is highlighted along with other guest pills from the same booking.

On the booking line section, click on Edit.

You can edit the dates, and room and include in the update other guests from the same booking that are in the original room before saving.


When changing the dates of a package booking and keeping the duration the same, package items will move along and the dates will change according to the new dates. Items that are not included in the package, will not be updated automatically and must be amended manually.

In the example below, the After Surf Massage will not be updated.

When a change of dates implies a change in the duration, package items will not be updated. In this case, we recommend removing the package and adding it again with the new dates.

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