This article explains how you can create a booking from your Calendar. For situations in which you receive a booking request via any other channel than your Booking Engine or partner integrations and hence manually have to add the reservation to your Backoffice.

This article includes two sections:

  • Booking from the Calendar Grid

  • Booking via the "Create booking" button

Booking from the Calendar Grid

1. Go to Planning > Calendar. Click, drag and drop over the selected rooms and dates you would like to book. Each selected spot in a room will add a guest to the booking.

Alternatively, you can click on the desired start date and room and configure the booking later.

2. Select the package, configure the dates and add the guest's details (if necessary). Then click Continue.

  • To book just accommodation, leave the Package field empty.

  • Guest details are not required. Leaving them empty will add Nameless guests to the booking.

3. Packages with base item groups or optional items will include a configuration section. These items can be configured for the whole group or just per person.

4. Before finishing the booking, you can edit the prices of included items. To add more guests to the booking or additional items, click on Add another item. Click on Continue when you are done.

5. Add a booker. You can create a new booker or select one of the existing guests as a booker. First name, last name and email are required at this step. To finish, click on Create booking.

6. Once the booking is created, you can change the status to Pending or Confirmed. This will trigger or schedule active automated emails and Rules.

You can add a note or register a payment. To open the booking, click on the reference number.

*Pro tip

Struggling to find rooms in your large inventory? You can use the calendar search bar.

Booking via the "Create booking button"

1. Go to Planning > Calendar, and click on "Create booking..."

2. Click on the product you would like to book. This can be of any type. For this example, we will book a package.

3. Add guests to the booking. To add guests with details (name, etc.) click on Search guests and Create new. To add guests without adding details, enable the Group booking mode and set the number of guests.

4. Select dates according to the product's configuration. The date selection view may differ depending on the booked product type.

5. In case of a package with accommodation, assign guests to the accommodation options.

6. Continue with the package configuration and steps from the previous section (3. to 6.)

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