Your customers may require an invoice prior to or after they stay. If your invoicing mode doesn't create it automatically, you can create it manually from the booking.

Please note this option is disabled when the invoicing strict mode is enabled.

To create an invoice:

1. Go to the accounting tab of the booking.

2. You can enter an amount or percentage and create the invoice. If a payment has been made already, you can create an invoice for that payment's amount.

The items in the invoice will be priced proportionally to the amount invoiced. For example, if a booking contains a nightly stay (196,60€) and a massage (50€) and you close an invoice for 123,3€ or 50% of the booking's total, the invoice lines will look like these:

3. Close the invoice.

Adding items or increasing the price

When a booking is fully invoiced and you add items to a booking or increase the price of some booking lines, the difference can be invoiced.

If the invoice is a Draft, you can recreate the invoice and it will be updated.

If the invoice is closed, you will need to create a new invoice for the difference. Invoicing the remainder amount will do this automatically.

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