Group bookings often require amendments. You can update, cancel or delete several booking lines in one go using mass edits.

To select several booking lines and mass edit a booking:

1. Click on Update lines or Mass edit booking.

2. Checkboxes will appear beside each booking line. You can click on each check box to update all booking lines at once. It is possible to select several booking lines across different guests.

To avoid selecting manually all booking lines that need to be updated or removed, you can use advanced selection.

  • Select identical lines: recommended when you need to completely remove a product or edit its price in a booking. For example; a group has decided to remove lunches from their package.

  • Select identical lines with same date: recommended when you need to update all booking lines of the same product scheduled for a specific day. For example, a group decides to change the day of a lesson during the week to the departure day.

3. Once you have selected the desired booking lines, you can:

  • Update: Change date or price. Only possible when selecting booking lines of the same product.

  • Cancel: It will cross out the booking lines and remove them from the planning and calendar. However, those lines can still be invoiced and will be considered for the booking's total.

  • Delete: Completely remove from the booking

4. Any action performed will be applied to all the selected booking lines.

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