This article will introduce a Guest report. For general knowledge on Custom Reports, you can check the article Custom Reports.

Do you work with the external transfer company and you would like to send them a weekly list of the guest they need to pick up? If so, the guest report will do the job.

Let's take a look at how to set the guest type report:

1. Go to Reports > Custom Reports, click on "Add a report" button and select the Guest report type.

2. The report with a yellow ''guest'' label will appear and you will see 3 dots on the right side. Click on them, and select Edit.

3. Set up the filters

The report is filtered for guests that have booked a transfer service.

4. Columns

Select the columns you want to see in the report. In case of transfers, the guest's phone number is almost necessary, and the age helps a driver to identify the person. In the following columns, you will see the arrival dates along with the flight details.

5. Product Columns

If you'd like to see products as a column in the report you can add the column field "Products". This will display a new tab in the configuration.

There you can pick from the inventory and add the products as columns. You can then select what value would you to display in the column.

  • ✔️ will display a value "yes" if the product has been booked in that line

  • Q will display the number of products in the line

  • $ will display the price of the product in that line

6. Options: Dataset & Recipient

7. Schedule sent

You can add the transfer service company as a recipient and set a schedule so they receive the report periodically with the updated information (for example, sending the report every two days with the data of the following 7 days).

To send the report just introduce an email recipient and click on send now:

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