If you are going through your booking engine wondering why your Sea View Double room is displayed but your Garden View Double room is not when both are available, this article is for you.

Most likely, you have given each accommodation option the same room type. As a result, only one accommodation option (or those necessary to fit the number of guests selected) is displayed. Have a look at How are rooms displayed in the Booking Engine? for an in-depth explanation.

To solve this, and have all available accommodation options displayed, you simply need to create a unique room type for each accommodation option:

  1. Go to Inventory > Room types.

  2. Create a new room type for each accommodation option.

  3. Go to Inventory > Accommodation, open the settings of each accommodation option and assign the corresponding room type.

Step 2

Step 3

As a result, each accommodation option will have a unique room type and be listed independently from other accommodation options in your booking engine.

This is recommended for properties with a modest number of rooms that have unique characteristics. If you manage a large property with similar rooms we recommend you check How to show only one Accommodation per Room Type in your Booking Engine to improve the user experience.

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