This article will introduce a Product (Booking line) report. For general knowledge on Custom Reports, you can check the article Custom Reports.

Product reports display one row for each booked product. For example, a booking with one accommodation, one activity, and two services contains 4 booking lines.

From a booking perspective, product reports include all products present in the booking's itinerary.

The product report could be used when you want to

  • gather the info about unscheduled activities;

  • break down your business revenue per product.

Let's take a look at how to set the product report:

1. Go to Reports > Custom Reports, click on ''Add a report'' and select the Product report type.

2. The report with a red ''booking line'' label will appear and you will see 3 dots on the right side. Click on them, and select Edit.

3. Set up the filters

You could use the filters to sort by the Booking Status and the product(s) you're interested in.

4. Product Columns

Chose the columns you would like to see in your report from the available fields

  • The booking reference will display the number of the booking the line belongs to

  • The booking line start day will display the date of the booking line

  • The booking line product title will display the name of the product (e.g "group surf lessons")

  • The booking line product type will display if its an accommodation, service, or an activity

  • The booking line total price will display the price of that product in the booking

*See the example of the report above

5. Data set

The best would be to adjust the dates manually before sending the report and selecting the fixed dates you would like to have the data from.

If you're gathering financial information, we suggest always selecting past dates because bookings in the future may still not be Paid and then lines will be missing.

To send the report just introduce an email recipient and click on send now:

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