Often, bookers can miss the pending time or forget to confirm their bookings. A notification of this event may help them to secure their stay. With Bookinglayer you can trigger automated email rules when bookings expire or are cancelled.

Rules is an advanced feature. If you would like to enable this feature in your account contact our sales team.

To send an email automatically when a booking expires or is cancelled, follow the next steps:

1. Create an email template for this purpose. You can include an email tag that links with the payment form. This could give the customer the chance to make a deposit payment and secure their booking if there is still availability. To know more about this option, please check our knowledge-based article on receiving payments for Expired and Cancelled bookings.

2. Create a Rule that executes At/When Booking and select the Expired status in the booking filters. The Rule will not trigger when the booking is made. It will trigger as soon as the booking matches the Rule's booking filters; in this case, the Expired status. This could be any time after the booking was created.

To trigger the email when the bookings is cancelled, select the Cancelled status instead.

3. Change the status to ON, review the Rule and save.

Note that by default the rule will trigger for existing bookings that expire or are cancelled. If you do not wish this to happen, you can delay the execution of the Rule. For example, selecting the Delay execution option "ON - Bookings made from date" and picking the day in which you will set the rule live.

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