Certain pieces of information may not be practical to collect during the booking process. The web check-in allows you to collect more relevant information from your guests. To add new fields to request additional information from your guests, please follow the next steps:

1. Go to the Settings Module in your Backoffice

2. Click on General Settings > Custom Fields

3. On the Guest fields table, click on Add a field and a window will open up on the right side of your screen

4. Add a Backoffice Lable (which is only visible to you)

5. Choose the type of data you want to collect: multiple choice or free text input?

6. Set a Customer Portal label. This will be visible to your customers. (If you have selected "option list", add the different labels that customers will be able to select one from)

7. Make sure to save!

8. After that go to Customer Portal settings > Web Check-in Flow in your Settings Module

9. Enable Additional questions in the web check-in

10. Click on the Guest Fields hyperlink

11. To display the field on the Web Check-in set Always show or Certain items.

12. If you have selected Certain items, toggle the items that should be booked for the field to be displayed.

13. You can also decide if the field is optional or required.

Now, you can see the fields in the modules you activated. Here's an example of the "Wetsuit size" field that was enabled for surf packages:

1. Customer Portal. It will show during the Web Check-in.

2. Day Planner

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