With Bookinglater you can attach PDFs files to your outgoing emails. This can be useful for sharing travel guides or other important documents with bookers.

To attach a PDF file to an email template follow the next steps:

1. Go to Inventory > Files and add the PDF file you would like to attach to the email template. You can set a language per file; this will be useful if your templates are translated to several languages and you would like to attach a different PDF to each version. You can leave it as GLOBAL if the same PDF file will be used for several translations of the template.

2. Go to Settings > Automation > Email templates, edit the desired template and click on Manage attachments.

Please note you will have to edit and attach a file to each translation of the template.

3. Add to the attachments the corresponding PDF file(s) for the template and language and click on Save attachments.

Now, every time an email with the template is sent , the booker will receive it with the PDF file attached.

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