Gift Cards come as an Advanced Feature. If you would like to have them enabled in your account please contact our sales team.

This article will give the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding Gift Cards. For basic knowledge on Gift Cards and how they work, you can check the article Gift Cards - Booking Engine & Refunds.

Gift cards are an Advanced feature. If you would like to work with gift cards, contact our support team.

1. Is it possible to include a logo on the Gift Card template?

Yes. The logo upload for the gift card can be found under General Settings > Logo > Gift Cards.

2. Can I edit the text on the gift card?

There are two types of gift cards templates: a standard gift card template and a custom gift card template.

  • The standard gift card template, which can be found under Settings > Gift cards. The text is fixed, only the colour palette can be customized.

  • The custom gift card template, which needs to be enabled by our support team upon your request, will allow custom text. Once enabled, you will find two new templates under Automation > PDF Templates. You are responsible for the design of the PDF templates. Any generated Gift Card will be pulled from the corresponding template.

3. How to design the custom gift card template?

When the custom gift card PDFs are enabled, the design is not taken from the standard Gift Card template. It is a complete custom template, meaning you will need to set everything; layout, tags for codes, etc. For a more advanced design, you can use the code view. It is possible to build designs with external tools/websites and place the code in the template editor.

We only recommend this if you are able to design it. Please note we don't support any adaptations to the template's format.

4. Gift Card refunds

When the Gift Card is sent as a payment refund, the email containing the Gift Card PDF will be different. Make sure to design this template (Refund notification) as well.

5. I want to test the design of my gift card but when I sent the test email there's no gift card attached.

It is the full payment that generates the gift card and triggers the email. If you would like to test your gift card, book it via your Booking Engine and register the payment from the Backoffice. The gift card will be sent to the provided email after that.

6. I could not use the Gift Card because I found out that "the amount has to be equal or superior to the required deposit.”.

There is a setting that will allow payments below the required Deposit amount only when a Gift Card is the payment method. You can enable this setting from Payment options > Gift Card.

7. What if the amount on the gift card is greater than the total amount of the booking?

The remaining amount will stay on the gift card. The booker can use the gift card multiple times until the whole amount is used.

8. How does the unique code work?

The unique gift card code is automatically generated at the time of purchase or refund. When registering a refund as Gift Card is is possible to manually set the code. If left empty, Bookinglayer will automatically generate one.

9. How can a guest pay with a gift card?

When Gift Card is enabled under Settings > Payment options, customers will find the option in the Payment Form. They can simply redeem the code and pay with the remaining amount. You can also redeem a Gift Card from the Backoffice, when manually registering a payment from a booking's page. When selecting Payment method = Gift card a field will appear to introduce the code and then select the amount to register.

10. If I purchase multiple gift cards will I receive one gift card with the total amount of all gift cards?

When a customer purchases 4 x €100 Gift Card, they will not receive a single Gift Card worth €400. They will receive 4 different Gift Cards (4 PDF's attached to the email) worth €100 each. This would work if 1 person wants to gift 4 other people.

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