When a product is no longer offered you can delete it to keep your Backoffice tidy. This will shorten the inventory list and facilitate adding products to a package or the booking engine, or using product filters in Rules and reports.

Before deleting a product, please consider the following:

  • Search tools and filters in the Backoffice will no longer list the product (planning lists and reports.)

  • Once deleted, the product cannot be restored.

  • The product will remain in existing bookings and will be displayed on planning modules if there are bookings for it. The calendar will continue to display the room, service or activity for dates in which they have bookings. Once there are no bookings, they will not be displayed.

  • If the product is an accommodation set as the default option in a package, you must set a different default accommodation in the package before deleting.

  • If the product has a widget in the booking engine, you must delete the widget first.

To delete a product, access its settings page in the inventory and click the Delete button on the top right corner.

Archiving products

If you do not wish to delete a product but would like it to be separated from other products for a better organization of your Backoffice, please follow the next steps:

1. Go to Inventory > Categories.

2. Create a new category and name it Archive. If your categories are sorted by position, drag the new category to the bottom. If they are sorted alphabetically, you can rename the category Z-archive.

3. Go to the settings page of the product you would like to archive.

4. Scroll to the Backoffice section and change the category assignation of this room to Archive.

You will now find this product at the bottom of the inventory lists and calendar.

Assign any other products you would like to archive to the same category.

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