To add an image to your email or signature template, the image must be hosted and embedded in the HTML code of the template. Copying and pasting the image directly into the template will fail to expose the image.

To host and embed an image to a template or your email signature:

1. Go to Inventory > Photos, and upload the image.

2. Right click on the image and copy the image address.

3. Go to Settings > Automation > Templates (General settings > Emails for email signature), select the desired template and click on Code View. If you do not see the option, please contact support.

4. Now you can embed the image to the template using the image address.

If you aren't familiar with HTML, you can use a HTML editor to easily embed the image.

4.1. Go to the HTML editor, paste the template's text into the right panel of the editor and click on Insert > Image.

4.2. Paste the image address into the source field and click Ok.

4.3. Copy the code on the left panel.

4.4. Paste the code into the code view of the template in Bookinglayer and click on Save template.

The image will be embedded in the template and exposed on sent emails.

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