During high season periods, you may want to avoid channel commissions and receive bookings only via your Booking Engine or Backoffice.

These two options will not work:

  • Blocking the dates on MyAllocator's calendar. The periodic synchronizations with Bookinglayer will unblock availability again.

  • Blocking dates on each channel's calendar. Although some channels may allow it. most will not allow adjusting availability as they are synchronized with MyAllocator. This can also be a time-consuming task if you work with several channels and increase the chance of mistakes.

To stop sending availability to channels set your rates to 0 on MyAllocator's calendar for the periods and rooms you want to block. As a safety mechanism to avoid bookings with a value of 0, MyAllocator will stop sending availability to all channels for periods and rooms that don't have a rate.

In the example below, no availability will be sent to channels for rooms "Standard suite" and "Deluxe room" from the 18th to the 20th.

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