Please read carefully, room mapping is simple but crucial to ensure your channels display the correct availability and avoid overbookings.

Individual room mapping (recommended)

Individual room mapping involves having the same number of rooms in Bookinglayer and the same number of room types in MyAllocator as the number of physical rooms on your property. The number of rooms/room types on your channels should also match.

With this set, your rooms and rooms type should be matched 1 to 1 across the different platforms.

1 to 1 mapping

4 rooms in Bookinglayer - 4 room types in MyAllocator - 4 room types in each channel (e.g.

Please note several rooms in Bookinglayer cannot be mapped with one room type from MyAllocator. In the same way, several rooms types in MyAllocator cannot be mapped with one room type from a channel (e.g

Individual room mapping with Room Quantities in Bookinglayer (recommended)

If you do not have one accommodation in Bookinglayer for each physical room in your property and instead have set Room Quantities for each accommodation, you can still map the "child" rooms (subproducts) to each room type from MyAllocator. Please note that you will still need one room type in MyAllocator and channels for each physical room on your property.

1 to 1 mapping (with room quantities in Bookinglayer)

1 accommodation in Bookinglayer (quantity = 4) - 4 room types in MyAllocator - 4 room types in each channel (e.g.

Room type mapping (not recommended)

Room type mapping involves creating a room category/type and settings how many units/rooms exist in that category.

When you have created a room in Bookinglayer and set a quantity of rooms for it in your property, you can map that room with a single room type in MyAlllocator.

Make sure that the capacity of the room type and the number of rooms is equal on each side.

Room type mapping

1 room in Bookinlayer (quantity = 5) - 1 room type in Myallocator (#rooms = 5) - 1 room type in the channel (# rooms = 5)

Please note MyAllocator sends availability to channels based on the category (room type) and not on the unit (room). This means that MyAllocator can send availability for a period in which there is no continuous availability in a single/room unit, requiring the booking to be split into different rooms. When this occurs, Bookinglayer will not import the booking and you will receive an email to introduce it manually.


Discrepancies between the number of rooms/room types in Bookinglayer, MyAllocator and channels can result in overbookings.

If you wish to offer fewer rooms via channels, do not set room quantities and create a room in Bookinglayer for each physical room on your property. 1 to 1 (individual) mapping allows you to decide which rooms are connected.

E.g. You can have 10 double rooms in Bookinglayer and only create 5 room types in MyAllocator and You can then map 5 of the double rooms in Bookinglayer to MyAllocator.

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