In the example below, we will export an accommodation's availability to Google Calendar. However, iCal links are a standard way of sending availability to other calendars, channels and platforms.

If you do not work with MyAllocator but have listings on Airbnb, you can export Bookinglayer's availability with iCal links so your listings show the correct availability. Please note this is a one-way connection, Bookingayer will not import your Airbnb bookings.

To export an accommodation's availability to Google Calendar, follow the next steps:

1. From inventory > Accommodations, open the settings page of the room you would like to share the availability off, scroll down to the Calendar exports section and click Add new export.

2. Name the calendar export and if necessary mark the options to hide guest names or guest count. Then, click Save.

3. Click to download the availability export as a file.

4. Go to Google Calendar > Settings > Add Calendar > Create new calendar, name the new calendar (e.g accommodation name) and click on Create calendar. You must create a calendar for each accommodation you would like to share the availability of.

5. Go to Import & export > Import, upload the iCal file you previously downloaded, select the calendar of the accommodation you just created and click Import.

Now, when you visualize the accommodation's calendar you will be able to see the current bookings and their status, guests and available spots. Take into consideration that the last day considered will be the last full day of the booking, the check-out date will be exposed as an available date as new bookings can check-in. For example, in the case below, Sara Peter's check-out date is the 27th.

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