The option to create a deposit invoice is only available under request. To have it enabled, please contact our support team and make sure you understand the instructions and limitations of this feature.


  • Do not apply discounts for items present in the deposit invoice once it has been created.

  • Deleting the deposit invoice will result in each product in the booking losing the corresponding value.

How to invoice a deposit

1. On a booking with Deposit status, go to the invoices tab.

2. Click on turn into a deposit invoice.

3. The deposit invoice will be automatically generated and closed. The closed invoice will be worth the total of the deposit paid. The draft's total will update to the remaining amount.

4. In the deposit invoice, each line is worth the proportional amount of the paid deposit. In this case, the deposit was 50%, so each line is worth 50%.

Deposit invoices will follow the standard invoice numbering sequence and can be found under Bookings > Invoices.

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