The occupancy reports calculate the percentual occupation of your rooms per month.

To see your occupancy reports go to Reports > Occupancy.

The Yearly Occupancy tab displays a table with all months from the selected year and each room's occupancy. The Monthly Ocuppancy tab displays a more detailed view of one selected month.

Please consider the percentages in the yearly occupancy report are the result of taking a snapshot of occupancy data as each day passes. As a result, if a past booking is modified then this report may not be accurate. We will update this report to ensure its accuracy but in the meantime, you can use the Monthly Occupancy Report which will always reflect the latest booking state.

How is the percentage calculated?

The number of monthly booked spots for a shared room or nights for a private room is taken and divided by all the possible bookable spots/rooms in the observed month.

The difference between shared and private rooms

The number of beds has an effect on the occupancy report if the room is shared but not if it is private.

For shared rooms, the maximum available spots are considered and contrasted against how many of them were occupied.

For example, we have 1 guest / 1-night stay for October in a 4person shared room. The occupancy would be 0,8%. This is 1 occupancy / 124 (which is the max. occupancy, 4 spots * 31 days)

A private room is considered fully occupied for a night when there is at least one guest in it, regardless of how many guests the room can accommodate.

For example, If an accommodation with 4 beds is private and only one guest stays in that accommodation for a night, the occupancy would be 3,22% (1-night stay / 31 possible night stays).

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