To integrate Bookinglayer with your Xendit account, have both your Xendit account and Bookinglayer account open. Xendit settings in Bookinglayer can be found under Settings > Payments. This setup does not require any technical knowledge.

Add your Private and Public key

You will have to copy-paste the Publishable Key and the Secret Key.

1. In your Bookinglayer account, go to Settings > Payments, search for "Xendit" and add it to your payment gateways.

2. Click on Configure and leave the window open.

3. In your Xendit account, go to Settings > Developers > API keys.

4. Copy your Public key and paste it into Bookinglayer.

5. Go back to your Xendit account and click on Generate secret key

6. Name the API key (e.g Bookinglayer) and set the permissions as in the screenshot below. Click on Generate key.

7. Copy the secret API key and paste it into Bookinglayer.

8. Decide to enable or disable 3DS* and click save changes.

9. Click on the three dots in Xendit's widget and make active.

Congratulations! Your Xendit account is now registered and will show on the Payment Form.

*3DS is a technical standard that adds a layer of security in online credit and debit card transactions. The cardholder is asked to provide proof of identity by entering a unique password, an SMS code or a temporary PIN.

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