Steps for activating multiple languages in your Booking Engine

1. Click on the Sales module on the left side menu.

2. Select Booking Engine > Languages.

3. Enable the available languages you want to display in your Booking Engine.

You now activated a drop-down menu in your Booking Engine with multiple translations. Make sure to add the translations for your products as well (see below).

Steps for setting product translations:

In the Inventory module, open the product that you wish to translate, and scroll down to the Content section.

1. Select the language you wish to translate

2. Add the Title translation

3. Add the Description translation

4. Add the Extended Description

5. You can add more languages at any stage by selecting "Enable more languages"

6. Save your changes.

Repeat this procedure for all other inventory items that you want to be displayed on your Booking Form in another language. Translations can apply to all Accommodation, Activities, Services, Items, and Packages. Every change to the default text has to be manually made to the translations.

Steps for setting email translations:

1. In the Templates tab on your settings, select the email template you wish to translate.

2. Click on the Add a translation drop-down box and select the applicable language.

3. A new tab will open allowing you to write the email in the selected language.

4. Save changes.

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