Integration with Twilio comes as an Advance Feature. If you would like to have them enabled in your account please contact our sales team.

If you don't have a Twilio account, create one here. On the personalization step, make sure to select the following options for each field:

Set up

In the main Dashboard, you will find a Third Party User Guide. Please follow these steps:

1. Get a phone number. By default, the assigned number will be from the US. You can choose to keep that number or search for a different one (it is okay to choose the given US number, even if you are based in a different country).

2. Get your account SID and Auth Token. Once you choose a number, the account SID will be revealed.

Copy the account SID and paste it into the integration page in Bookinglayer. Scroll up to "Project info" and copy the Auth Token. Then paste it into Bookinglayer too. Don't forget to save your changes.

3. Add a payment method. There are certain limitations for Third-Party Apps when the account is on trial mode. Therefore, we recommend you activate the account by adding a payment method.

Geo Permissions

Under Programmable Messaging > Settings > Geo Permissions, make sure to mark all countries which you would like to send SMSes to.


In the From field, you can set an alphanumeric sender ID your customers will see when they receive your SMS.

Alphanumeric Sender IDs may be up to 11 characters. Accepted characters include both upper- and lower-case ASCII letters, the digits 0 through 9, and space: A-Z, a-z, 0-9. They may not be only numbers.

Not all countries support this feature. You can see a list of countries that support Alphanumeric Sender ID along with pre-registration requirements for each country.

How to create SMS rules

Under Settings > Automation you will find a new tab for SMS templates. Create as many templates as you will need to send out. Keep in mind, if a template is over 160 characters, the recipient will receive it split into messages of 153 characters.

Then, in the Rules tab, you can create rules to send out each template. The list of templates will display email templates and SMS templates together. Make sure to select the SMS template.

How to send an SMS directly to a customer

You may want to manually send a template or a custom SMS to a customer. To do this, access their booking. On the booking menu, you will find an option to Send SMS.

You can pick as recipient(s) the booker and guests in the booking. Then, choose one of the existing templates or "No template" to type a custom message. Click "Send" to send the SMS.

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