On some occasions, a faulty configuration may cause a product or package to display dates as unavailable, even though there is plenty of capacity in the calendar.

Let's have a look at the most common causes:

1. Seasonal pricing is enabled but there are no rates in the product

When seasonal pricing is enabled, the system will not expose availability at room or package level for seasons that don't have a rate assigned. This is a common practice in property management solutions and channel managers to avoid bookings with price 0.

If you do not wish to have a price at product or package level, make sure the option "Year round" is selected.

2. The dates are outside of configured seasonal periods

If seasonal pricing is enabled on that product or package and the booking dates are outside a configured seasonal period, the booking engine will display those dates as unavailable.

This is a very common mistake when the seasonal periods haven't been reviewed carefully to cover all open dates or when you don't update the seasonal periods after using Bookinglayer for some time.

3. "Pax per booking" does not match the booking's guests

Another reason for a calendar to show dates as unavailable or for a room option not to be displayed is that there is a minimum or a maximum number of guests required for that option to be booked.

In the example below, the booking is for 1 guest, however, the room requires a "pax per booking" from 3 to 4. This means that the room can only be booked if 3 or 4 guests are assigned to it.

4. Accommodation options in the package builder

You might have not noticed that the accommodation option is excluded from the booking engine or has simply not been added to the package builder.

On the conditions tab, there may be visibility conditions for that room that is not being displayed.

5. Several rooms are assigned to the same room type

When several accommodation options are assigned to the same room type, the booking engine will display a number of them according to the grouping policy under the booking engine's accommodation settings.

If you would like a certain accommodation option to always be displayed when available, make sure to create a unique room type and assign it.

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