Bookinglayer gives you two options to set up a price:

  • on a product level (basic inventory items)

  • on a package level

Ideally, you will sell most of your products with packages. That will give you an option to combine multiple products together, meaning the guests won't have to make a separate booking for every single product they are interested in.

Now let's take a look at what determines the package price.

Inventory items (products) :

When setting up your inventory, you will be asked to set up a price for every basic product you add: accommodation/activities/items and services.

We recommend setting a price for each product. Later on, at a package level, you will be able to decide if the system should fetch the price from the product or include this product at no charge.

Need a bit of help while setting the price on accommodation? This article will help you out.

Check also How to set different activity prices depending on the number of people or lessons.

Package price

By default, the package price is split into 4 lines:

  • Base price

  • Accommodation

  • Upgrades

  • Total

1. Base price:

Setting a base price on the package level under the pricing setting is optional.

If you leave that section empty, the base price of the package will be a sum of all products' prices inside the base item section in your package builder. If you add a base price, the final base price of the package will be the package price + the sum of all the products that are added to the base items section (with a rate set to ''Pick from inventory'').

In package builder, under Rates, you can decide how the system should calculate the price for each product. In the example above, the breakfast in this package comes free of charge. The system will fetch the price for the cooking class from the inventory (the price you set up on a product level) but will automatically discount the price by 20%.

2. Accommodation

When the guest selects the accommodation, the price will increase and will show up in another line, unless you modify your settings under Totals.

For more options read this article.

3. Upgrades

The price in this line is defined by all the optional and cross-selling items inside your package builder.

By clicking on the rates tab, you can modify the price of the product for when the product is a part of the package.

4. Totals

This line sums up all the prices.

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