Meta tags describe the content of your website. They are snippets of code that let you decide how your links (text and image) will be displayed in search engine results and on social media platforms. However, the text that you include in meta tags won't appear on the website itself.

In Bookinglayer, you can customize these parameters without any coding skills.

Go to Sales > Booking Engine > Meta tags to customize the following elements:

  • meta title and description

  • open graph title, description, and image

  • favicon

Make sure to fill in the "Meta tags" section for all languages available in your Booking Engine.

Meta title and meta description

Meta title and meta description help search engines (e.g. Google) understand what your website is about. When you add these tags, they will be used to display the link to your website in search results. It's a good practice to include keywords in meta title and meta description.

In Bookinglayer, you can customize these tags in Sales > Booking Engine > Meta tags in the "Meta" section. Fill in "Title" and "Description". Click "Save".

Open graph

Open Graph (og) meta tags determine how your URLs are displayed when shared on social media platforms. When you update your og tags with an interesting description and a high-quality image, you increase the chances that your website will be visited.

There are three main parameters:

  • og title

  • og description

  • og image

This is what your link can look like when you share it on Facebook:

In Bookinglayer, you can define your og tags in Sales > Booking Engine > Meta tags in the "Open graph" section. Fill in the "Title" and "Description" with text. Copy-paste the image URL in the "Image" section. Click "Save" to apply changes.


Favicon is the icon that is displayed in the browser that helps the user identify your website. It's also called the "shortcut icon" as it is displayed in Bookmarks or when someone saves the link to your website.

It a good practice to use your logo for a favicon. It builds website credibility and improves your online presence.

In Bookinglayer, you can add your favicon in Sales > Booking Engine > Look & Feel in the "Favicon" section. Drag and drop your favicon, crop the image, and click "Save".

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