Similar to the Guest form, the Customer form gathers the information of the booker/customer = the person making the reservation. This form needs to be filled in at the checkout step, before hitting the Book now button

To access the Customer form, click on the Sales Module > Booking Engine > Customer form.

Some of the fields are added to the customer form by default, however, you can remove them or if necessary, add extra fields.

By clicking on a field you can:

  • determine the width of the field,

  • set up the initial value,

  • decide if the field is required or optional

  • remove the field from the form

On the left side, you have a menu with additional fields. Click on the plus sign for the field to be added or a minus sign for the field to be removed from the Customer form.

Show helper for filling with one of the guest details

The customer can be either one of the guests that will actually use your services or someone else who's making the reservation for the others. If the customer is a guest, then having the setting enabled will allow the booker to use the same data he put in the guest form.

By selecting one of the guests' names from the drop-down menu, the form will populate with the data that were already given during the booking process. If this setting is disabled, then the customer will have to fill in the required fields once again.

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