During the booking flow, the booker will be asked to introduce certain details about the guests. Under Sales > Booking Engine > Guest form, you can decide which fields will be presented.

In the example above, all the guests have to fill in their gender, first name, last name, and email.

How to add or remove a field to the guest form

You can add or remove fields by using the list of fields you see on the right. Click on the plus sign for the field to be added or a minus sign for the field to be removed from the guest form.

It is possible to add additional custom fields to the guest form. Simply click on the New custom field. Decide on the Backoffice title, type, and label (the text visible to your guests).

If the type of the guest field is Text, your guest can write down their answer, while if you set the type as select, your guests will be presented with multiple-choice options.

Tip: We recommend keeping your Booking Form as simple as possible to ease the booking flow. After the booking, you can link to the Customer Portal and require more fields during the Web Check-in.

Tips & tricks:

  • By clicking on the fields and dragging them up or down you can change their order

  • To remove a field, click on the field and the option Remove will appear.

  • Decide if the field is optional or required by checking or un-checking the Required box. In case you're accepting the families, we recommend to add email as an optional field so they are not required for the kids.

Decide at which stage of the booking guests details are requested

There are three options:

1. After date selection

The guest filed will be the first step of the booking process, after the number of guests and the date have been selected.

2. At checkout

When this option is enabled, the guest form will be presented at the end of the booking flow, after the booking has been configured. Throughout the booking process, the guests will be numbered Guest 1, Guest 2, etc. until their details are filled in the guest form.

3. Guest form is hidden

Removing all of the guest fields will hide the guest form from the booking flow. Only the booker will have to fill in his details to complete the booking.

Important note*: while working with guest groups, guest details should be collected after date selection (option #1), otherwise, the pricing will not match accordingly.

Group booking mode

When this setting is enabled, it will display the option to Make a group booking. When this option is marked the guest form will be hidden and only booker details will be required.

This setting has to be enabled at a product level. If you would like to allow a Group Booking for a certain package/product, go to the product's settings page. Then, scroll to the Booking Engine section and set "Booking mode = Groups".

This setting is beneficial if you receive bookings with a large number of guests when providing all details can be a time-taking task.

Important note*: avoid using this setting for products in which guest group rates are enabled, as the price may not be calculated correctly.

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