To set up your agreements go to Sales > Booking Engine > Agreements.

1. Click on Add agreement.

2. Select the language. Make sure you add a translation for every language enabled in your booking engine (this is required for saving).

3. Add a Title. Within the title, you should wrap the word or words that you would like to link to the content between brackets -> {{text}}

4. Add Content.

5. Decide if the agreement is required or optional.

If the agreement is required, your client won't be able to finish the booking without marking the agreement box first.

**When the agreement is marked as a newsletter, your client can leave the agreement unmarked. Opt-in can't be forced :)

6. You can decide to bind a certain agreement with one or several products. If you click on Limit products you will be able to choose products from your inventory that require that agreement. The agreement will only be exposed if the product is part of the booking.

7. Save settings.

The agreement is now visible on the check out page.

If the booker clicks on the link (the title of the agreement), the content of the agreement will show up.

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