To access your Booking Engine's accommodation settings go to Sales > Booking Engine > Booking settings

1. Activities Cutoff Time

This setting allows you to define a cut-off time to limit the number of hours in advance in which your activities can be booked. For example, for planning reasons, you may not want customers to book within 24 hours before an activity starts.

2. Genderless Pax Picker

Decide if you would like to collect or not the gender of your guests when selecting the number of guests.

  • When the Genderless pack picker is disabled your guest will be able to see all the options.

Tip: On the package/product level you can decide which of those options are enabled per package/product:

  • When the Genderless pack picker is enabled your guest will see only the following option.

3. Disable Checkout

When the checkout is disabled, every booking comes in as a request. This setting overrules all automatic confirmations in your inventory items' settings. Please note that this means that bookers are not able to pay the deposit at the moment of the booking, you must manually confirm their booking.

4. Package configuration

With the package configuration settings, you can decide if package items can be configured per person or per group.

1. Available booking modes

  • Only per person

When this setting is enabled, the package items have to be configured per guest. Customers will have to click on each guest tab to configure the package items for each guest.

In the example above, all the selected package items will be assigned to Tamara. The activities need to be selected for each guest individually.

In the booking overview, the guests can see all the selected package items under their name.

  • Only whole group

When this setting is enabled, every selected package item will be assigned to every guest in the booking

In the booking overview, the selected package items are the same for all of the guests.

  • Both

When both are enabled, the booker can choose the option he prefers: configure the package items for all guests at once or configure the package items per guest.

2. Initial Booking Mode

This setting is only available if you allow both booking modes. The option you toggle (per person or whole group) will be preselected. In the example above, the whole group is selected and it's displayed in a different colour.

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