After setting up your account, it is time to integrate your website with the Booking Engine. You can use one or alternate between these two options.

You can easily link from your call-to-action buttons (i.e "Book now") to your main Booking Engine page by copying and pasting its URL.

To access your main Booking Engine page click on the Sales module > Booking Engine > Show in Booking Engine.

Deeplinking is when the "Book now" button on your website links directly to a product or category in the booking form, rather than displaying the initial homepage. This is useful if your website has detailed explanations of your products, each with "Book now" buttons referring to them.

Additionally, you can set parameters in the URL which will preselect language, check-in & and check-out dates and number of guests. This is particularly useful for a fixed date and one-off packages. This article explains how to do it.

If you want to direct links from your website to specific products in the Booking Engine:

1. Go to your Booking Engine's homepage.

2. Navigate to the product or category you would like to refer to

3. Copy its URL and insert the link with your website's call to action button for that product or category.

For example, on your website, you could have the following buttons:

- "Book now" on a specific yoga retreat page - You can redirect from this button to your Yoga Retreat product in Bookinglayer.

- "Book now" on a Single Room page - From this button, you can refer to your Single Room product in Bookinglayer.

- "Book now" on a general accommodation page - You can refer this button to the accommodation category in Bookinglayer.

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