These widgets are displayed in the Booking Engine and make it easier for the bookers to find what they are interested in.

1. Create a Booking Engine widget

1. Click on Sales Module

2. Click on Booking Engine

3. Add a widget and select Category or any other widget option.

4. Add the title. You can also add subtitle and text. Save. After saving you will be able to add a photo.

5. New categories are by default hidden from your Booking Engine main page. Click on the eye icon to make it visible for your customers.

6. Click on edit in case you want to change things around.

7. Open the category if you want to add a subcategory or any other widget under your newly created category.

8. Click Show in Booking Engine to see how the widget is visible on your main Booking Engine page.

2. Delete the widget

1. Open the Sales module > Booking Engine > Layout

2. Select the category you would like to delete

3. Click edit (blue button on the bottom right of the category widget)

4. A new window will open. Search for the delete option.

5. Save the change.

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