Add a logo or style your booking form with custom coloring and fonts. Go to Sales > Booking Engine > Look & Feel

1. Favicon

Favicon is the icon that is displayed in the browser that helps the user identify your website. It's also called the "shortcut icon" as it is displayed in Bookmarks or when someone saves the link to your website.

It a good practice to use your logo for a favicon. It builds website credibility and improves your online presence.

In Bookinglayer, you can add your favicon in Sales > Booking Engine > Look & Feel in the "Favicon" section. Drag and drop your favicon, crop the image, and click "Save".

2. Theme Editor

Theme Editor is a tool that allows you to style your Booking Engine in a really simple way, even without the knowledge of the CSS language.

1. Click on Edit in Booking Engine.

2. You will be redirected to the preview of the main Booking Engine site. On the left, you will see a Theme Editor panel where you can change the settings to your liking.

3. You can change the color by using the color scale


4. you can insert the Hex color code. That's particularly useful when you want to use the same colors as you're using on your website. A simple way to find out which code a certain color has is to use a color picker tool.

HINT: if you can’t input the hex color, you need to set the transparency to 100% (max).

5. The change you will make will be visible immediately.

6. If you don't like the changes you made, just click on the reverse button.

7. Increasing the number in the Panel border-radius will smooth the edges and make them rounder.

8. Make sure to save the settings once satisfied with the results.

3. Custom CSS

Customize everything else by providing custom CSS which is injected into the Booking Engine.

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