1. Add additional content to each package in the Booking Engine

To add the custom content to your Booking Engine enter the Sales module Booking Engine > Custom content.

1. Choose the language first.

2. Decide where in the booking flow you want to show your content. You can decide to place it under the Product, Guest Form, or Checkout flow.

3. Select where exactly you want to place the text box.

4. Style your content as desired.

5. Save the settings.

In the example above we placed the custom content in the product flow, above package items. This is how it looks like in the Booking Engine.

Note, that the Custom content is a global setting and that it will apply to each package in your Booking Engine.

2. Add additional content to a specific package only

Find the package you would like to add content to in the Layout section of your Booking Engine.

Select Edit. A new window will open.

1. Choose Custom content.

2. Select where you want to add your content.

3. If the case the global content is set, it will be visible also inside the selected package.

4. If desired, you can override the content with another one.

5. As always, don't forget to save the settings.

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