Transfer service planning is a Bookinglayer Advanced Feature. Please contact support if you would like to have it enabled in your account.

With transfer service pricing you can configure several arrival/departure locations within the same transfer service. You will be able to set the transfer service differently depending on the transfer location your customer selects.

How to create a transfer service?

  1. Go to Inventory > Services

  2. Click on "Add a service", select or create a category and set a title

  3. In Configuration set "Transfer = yes"

4. In Pricing add a rate for every transfer location and set a price for it.

** If you haven't yet created the possible transfer locations, go to General Settings > Transfer locations, and configure them under Transfer Service Stops.

How to manage Transfer Services

From Planning > Transfer Services you can obtain a list containing all guests that have a booked a transfer service for a given date and their stop.

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