After finishing their booking, your customer can still add activities, services or items to their booking from their Customer Portal.

To offer your customers Add-ons & upgrades on their Customer Portal, you have to add those products under Package Builder > Cross-Selling items. This means that the upsell products are determined by the package a customer has booked.

1. Add your activities/services/items to the Cross-selling section

Access the Cross-selling items section in the package builder of the package you want to offer add-ons for. Then, add the desired upsell products.

2. It's important to set dependencies:

A safe bet for the add-ons to appear is to make them dependant on a default item in your package. Of course, if an add-on activity should only appear if a certain optional item is chosen, you can also set the dependency like this. Imagine a surfboard rental which only shows for people that decided to add surf guiding to their package.

3. Don't forget to set up Visibility:

In this tab, you can decide if you want to display the Cross-Sell items in the Booking Engine, Customer Portal, or both.

For additional information on Cross-selling, please refer to this article: How to use Cross-selling.

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