Take into account bank transfers are not registered automatically and require manual verification and registration from your side.

To configure Bank Transfer as a payment option:

1. Go to General Settings > Payment options.

2. Find the Bank Transfer option and click configure.

3. Fill in the required fields. We recommend completing all fields as international transactions may require these details.

4. Additional settings. Please read carefully how the following four settings work:

  • Expire open payments after X days. When a booker confirms they have made a bank transfer via the Payment Form an open payment will be registered in the Backoffice. However, the payment needs to be confirmed manually and the booking will remain pending. This setting extends the expiration time of a PENDING booking from the moment the open payment is created.

  • Require transaction reference: When enabled, it will display the booking ID as the transaction reference. We recommend indicating customers via instructions to include the transaction reference as the bank transfer purpose.

  • Display confirmation button: When enabled, customers will find a box to agree with terms & conditions and a button to confirm they have made the bank transfer. This will not automatically deduce the amount from the amount due. Once a customer clicks on the button, an open payment will be registered on the booking's payments tab. When you receive the bank transfer, you can mark it as paid and it will deduce the paid amount from the total.

  • Display for Pending Bookings: As bank transfers are not an automatic payment method (Bookinglayer cannot know if the payment actually took place), the option is disabled by default for Pending bookings. Since bank transfers have to be marked as paid or registered manually, this is done to avoid bookings expiring when the payment was actually done but not registered on time.

If you enable this setting, we recommend setting the ''Expire open payments after X days* to at least 5 days to avoid bookings expiring before the transfer arrives at your bank account. Alternatively, you can request via Instructions a proof of payment.

  • Enabled for Expired/Cancelled bookings *: decide what happens when the booker misses the payment deadline. For more details see here.

5. Finally, Save changes and click on Make active. The bank transfer payment option is now configured correctly and will show on your payment form.

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