Digital Waivers come as an Advanced Feature. If you would like to have them enabled in your account please contact our sales team.

Certain activities require a waiver to be signed before the activity takes place. With this feature, customers will be able to see and virtually sign this waiver from your Customer Portal.

You can find and modify the template of your digital waiver in Settings > Automation > Email Templates > PDF tab. Once signed, waivers will be stored as a PDF document.

To configure your Digital Waiver, follow these steps:

  1. The waiver will be displayed as a step in the Web Check-in. Make sure to enable it in Settings > Customer Portal Settings > Web Check-in.

2. The waiver will be displayed just for bookings containing products that require it. To request a waiver to be signed when a certain product or package is booked, access the product's or package's settings, scroll to the waiver section and turn the setting on.

How does the Digital Waiver work?

When a booking contains a product that has the waiver setting On, it will require the waiver to be signed.

Customers will find it as a required step in their Web Check-in. They will be able to read the waiver, sign it using the touchpad or mouse, and mark that they have read its content.

Once signed, a PDF of the signed waiver is generated. You can open it from the guest's section on the booking page in your Backoffice.

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