Guests allocation

To decide how many guests can book a certain accommodation or optional item you will find a Pax per booking setting in the Booking Engine section of each product's settings.

For example, you may decide that a double room can only be booked by 2 guests. This setting keeps the booker from allocating only 1 guest into that room. As you can see in the screenshot below, it is not possible to place only 1 guest in that room.

If there's only one guest making a booking, that room option won't be offered.

Please note it is not possible to limit guest allocation on package items (excluding accommodations) in the following cases:

  • Activities with time-slots

  • Configuring packages per guest

Item visibility

To configure when to display an accommodation or package item in the Booking Engine according to the number of guests in the booking, you will find a setting per item in the conditions tab of the package builder. Here you can establish the minimum and the maximum number of guests required to display a certain option.

For example, you may decide you only want to offer a Private Lesson option if a booking has from 2 to 4 guests. You should set 2 persons in the minimum pax. field and 4 persons in the maximum pax field. If a greater or smaller number of guests are booking, the option will not be displayed.


Use the pax per booking field in each product's settings to decide how many guests can be allocated into each option, but still having it displayed in the Booking Engine. Use the min. max pax condition setting in the package builder to decide the required number of guests in a booking to display each option.

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