When changing the dates of an existing booking there are two different options. The first option is to change the dates of a booking while the duration stays the same. The second option will allow you to modify the duration as well.

Drag and Drop

This is the easiest and most intuitive option for changing the dates of a booking in the calendar where the duration will remain the same. It also gives you the possibility to change the type of accommodation.

To proceed, click and drag the guest bar to your desired spot of the calendar. Once you have moved it to the new spot, click again to release the booking there.

Please not that this will have to be done for each of the booking's guests.

Update tab

This option will allow you to change the dates, duration and room type of a booking, and to set a price difference if necessary.

In the calendar module click on the guest whose booking you would like to modify. A sidebar will open and you will be able to make desired changes in the "Update" tab. Select the desired check-in and check-out dates and a room change if required. Should the duration have changed as well, you will be able to set a negative or possitive price difference. Don't forget to save your changes.

Change package dates from booking

By changing the start day (arrival day) of the package all items included in it will follow keeping the same chronology.

Please note: In the case of a booking with no package these actions explained above will just change the dates of the accommodation. In the case of a booking with package, it will update the accommodation and package items if they are all included within the same package.  Other "loose" items inside the booking must be manually updated.

In this example, all items included in the yellow box with have their dates updates since they are all within the same package. The activity in the red box will have to be updated manually.

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