To add accommodation to your package:

  1. Within the package scroll down to Package configuration

2. Next click on Open Package Builder

3. Scroll down to Accommodation options and click on Add accommodation option. Here you can select which accommodation you wish to add to this specific package.

There are two roles for accommodation options:

  • Default: this is the accommodation that sets the accommodation component of the base price. Note that there can only be one default accommodation.
  • Alternative: providing there is availability during the enquired period, this is an accommodation that is suggested to your customer as an alternative to the default option. Once the default option is selected, the price difference between the default and alternative is calculated from their respective product settings on Accommodation level and this is presented as an upgrade or downgrade price to your customers.

For example, this package has one default and two alternative accommodation options:

4. The default sing indicates in this example that the Double Room Sea View 1 is the room that will set the base price in relation to the other available accommodation options.

5. If you wish to change which accommodation is the default then click on the desired room's three dots.

6. click Set as default option

This will be displayed as follows to your customers in the Frontoffice. Note the upgrade prices for the alternative options:

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