Cross-selling comes as an Advanced Feature. If you would like to have it enabled in your account please contact our sales team.

Cross-selling is a way to offer additional items to your clients based on the items selected in their booking cart. By recommending extra items that benefit your clients, you can not only increase your revenues but also optimize the user journey for your customer.

Some basic examples that you can set up with the cross-selling feature:

  • Suggest a Yoga Lesson for clients who are booking a private room.

  • Suggest a Wetsuit rental for clients who have booked a Surf Lesson.

  • Suggest a Guided Tour to clients who are booking more than 7 nights.

You can add cross-selling items to your packages, on specific pre-defined conditions.

Learn how to add and set up triggers for your cross-selling items by following the instructions below:

1. Go to Inventory > Packages and select a package.

2. Scroll down to Package Contents and click on Open package builder.

3. Click on Add an item under Cross-selling Items and select the inventory category which the item falls under. 

4. To configure the triggers of the cross-selling items click on the Dependencies tab and click on Set dependencies. 

5. You can trigger the cross-selling item based on package contents (set up conditions are based on "OR" or "AND").

AND means all package items that you choose here must be chosen by the guest in order for the cross-selling item to appear. OR means that any of the chosen package items, if chosen by the guest, will trigger the cross-selling item to show. 

i.e: In the package below, we will only show the cross-selling item (Equipment Rental Insurance) for people who both book the "Board Rental"

6. Under the Visibility tab you decide if those products will appear in the Booking Engine, Customer Portal, or both.

7. Under the Conditions tab you can trigger the cross-selling item according to the minimum/maximum number of nights of a booking and/or decide the min/max number of people at the time of reservation for this item to appear.

8. In the Booking Engine, if guests select "Board Rental", the system will recommend them the item we've set up in the cross-selling section (Equipment Rental Insurance):

9. After your guest clicks on the Continue button, a suggested items section will appear with your cross-selling items based on the conditions you previously set up.

In this example, "Equipment Rental Insurance" is suggested:

  • If the guests don't select the cross-selling item and you set visibility also for the Customer Portal, they will be able to add it to the booking later on.

Please note that you can add more than one item to the cross-selling section, with individual settings.

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