In this article, we explain how you connect Bookinglayer to InvoiceXpress.

Note that we don't cover the setup of your InvoiceXpress-account for which you should consult the knowledge base of InvoiceXpress.

Connect to InvoiceXpress

Under Settings > Integrations click on InvoiceXpress. You need to configure the following settings to have the connection activated.

1. Mode

There are two export modes:

  • When set to MANUAL, you need open the Accounting tab of a booking and click on "Send to InvoiceXpress" to export an invoice to InvoiceXpress.

  • When set to AUTOMATIC, invoices will be sent automatically to InvoiceXpress when they are closed according to your selected Invoice creation mode under General Settings. Make sure your account is fully configured before doing this. Exported invoices cannot be deleted in InvoiceXpress.

2. Account name & API key

in InvoiceXpress go to Preferências da Conta > Api e Plugins and click on 'Generate key'. Copy the account name and API key and paste them into the corresponding fields in Bookinglayer

3. Tax Exemption Code

This is an important setting and if not properly set, is usually the main reason why an invoice fails exporting. When an invoice contains an item on 0% VAT, Bookinglayer needs to pass the reason on to InvoiceXpress. Consult your accountant for the right value.

4. Map your Tax Rates

In InvoiceXpress go to Preferências da Conta > Impostos nos Itens and add your VAT rates. Some may already be there by default.

Go to Bookinglayer and make sure to map the tax rate by adding the name of each tax rate in InvoiceXpress to the corresponding fields. Save all changes.

Sending invoices to InvoiceXpress

The Autoridade Tributária demands that the creation of a fiscal document, belonging to a sequence, follows a sequential and chronological order. This means that you will not be able to export invoices with an earlier date to be issued when there are already one or more invoices issued with a later date.

If you work with the AUTOMATIC mode contact support immediately if the export of an invoice fails. It will most likely be due to a missing VAT rate in a product or other minor issue which can be solved quickly and not affect your sequence.

If you work with the MANUAL mode, make sure to not export an invoice when there are one or more invoices pending export with an earlier date. The best way to avoid this mistake is by going to the Invoices list and sorting the table by the Invoice date. In that table, you will see which invoices have already been exported.

To export a closed invoice manually, go to the Accounting tab of the booking and click on three dots next to the invoice, then Export to InvoiceXpress.

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