In this article we explain how you connect Bookinglayer to InvoiceXpress. Note that we don't cover the setup of your InvoiceXpress-account for which you should consult the knowledge base of InvoiceXpress.

Connect to InvoiceXpress
Under Settings > Integrations you can select InvoiceXpress. You need to find a few settings in your InvoiceXpress account in order to have the connection activated.

Account name - when you are logged into your InvoiceXpress-account you will find the Axccount name in the header (see dropdown in image below).  
API key - in InvoiceXpress go to Account, choose API and click on 'Generate key'. 

Configure the InvoiceXpress connection
Mode - Define whether you want Bookinglayer to send invoices automatically when they get closed or when you manage it manually one by one. We recommend you start with setting this option to MANUAL till you have exported a few invoices. Invoices can be closed automatically by Bookinglayer. Verify under Settings > Invoicing if this setting is properly set for you.

Tax Exemption Code - This is an important setting and if not properly set, usually the main reason why an invoice fails exporting. Consult your accountant for the right value.

Map your Tax Rates
Make sure each Tax Rate inside Bookinglayer is mapped with one from your InvoiceXpress account.

Send your first invoice to InvoiceXpress
Now you are good to go. Open a closed invoice (or first close a draft invoice) and send it to InvoiceXpress by clicking on the 'Send to InvoiceXpress' button. Within a minute you should see the invoice inside your InvoiceXpress account.

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